Product Overview

Stop the event before it happens, by understanding the cause and predicting the failure

APO provides design, installation, configuration, deployment and support services for troubleshooting and maintenance of I-Platform software for real-time monitoring of surface equipment in upstream oil and gas fields.

With I-Platform your organization can:

  • Rapidly integrate disparate OEM equipment data streams;
  • Capture meaningful operational and performance data;
  • Determine failure points before a failure occurs;
  • Increase mean time between failures for critical offshore equipment
  • Take pre-emptive action to avoid failures resulting in unplanned outages or NPT;
  • Better understand planned outages and minimize time to complete resulting in higher asset availability.


Benefit from an integrated availability system that minimizes downtime with:

  • Reliability growth through enhancements in equipment design and operation
  • Optimization of overhaul cycles, and maintenance scheduling
  • Emphasis on HSE
  • Root cause failure analysis in conjunction with trending for early identification of pending equipment wear-out or failure
  • Optimization and efficient use of personnel; cross platform performance, engineering talent, and supply chain

The I-Platform™ software correlates and analyzes the relationships between all of the assets. By monitoring, predicting, and providing critical data in an informative format it allows for quick decision making from anywhere in the world. The I-Platform™ software lowers operating costs and reduces downtime.

Downtime on offshore production platforms cost the industry billions every year. Until recently, there have not been common integrated architectures to collect information from multiple systems, or present them in a global common interface to prevent costly and unwarranted downtime.